Comedy in Redfern – April 21

It was yet another laugh-filled night at The Bat & Ball Hotel on Friday, 21st April!

Thanks to everyone who came along to laugh with us last night, and to Sallie Don, Ben Willshaw, Kieran Daughton, Claudia Rae, Thao Thanh Cao, Peter Green, Great Scott!, Te Rina Taite, Ray Cashman and Sean Morahan for putting on a great show. Thanks to The Bat and Ball Hotel for more superb hospitality for our audience! Next show here: 26th May.

Sallie Don was our hilarious MC for the night!

After Sallie got the crowd laughing, Ben Willshaw took the stage to wild applause and high-fives from the audience!

Like the Michael Hutchence of comedy, the way he moves with that microphone stand, Kieran Daughton is a New Sensation in comedy!

Following Kieran was Claudia Rae who gave us some laugh-out-loud insights into life in Newcastle.   Our fifth comedian of the night was Ray Cashman.  We hope the audience wasn’t so distracted by their own laughter that they failed to appreciate Ray’s exquisite mic-holding technique!

Closing out our first half was our Kiwi Quip Queen, Te Rina Taite who gave us her witty wedding wisdom!

Back from a break to ensure our audience was adequately hydrated (this laughing business can really dry you out!), we welcomed Great Scott! onto the stage!  With this opening pose, you couldn’t help but feel that Great Scott! was going to reveal something very, very funny – and he didn’t disappoint with the size of his jokes!

Thao Thanh Cao was our eighth comedian for the night.  Even Thao’s silences got big laughs!

Our ninth comedian for the nigh was Sean Morahan who joked about the challenges of work and travelling.

Closing the show by ensuring our laughter-cups were full to overflowing was the superb Peter Green who re-enacted a movie, told tales of Aussie legends and explained how old age works!