2016 Melbourne Comedy Festival

Several of our ’10 for $10′ Comedians are currently performing their latest solo shows at the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

If you are in Melbourne, grab the chance to see some top-notch comedy from these comedians:


CJ Delling has performed solo stand-up shows at the last four Melbourne International Comedy Festivals.  This year CJ’s fifth solo show ‘CJ Delling – Funny Bits’ is her own selection of the best parts of her previous four solo shows.

CJ’s show has recently received a four star review from The Times.

Details and Tickets: CJ Delling MICF

★★★★ The Times

CJ CJ-Delling-Funny-Bits


Suren Jayemanne is performing his latest show Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator, which  is the natural progression from his previous show Eat Praline, Die, presenting more of Jayemanne’s signature witty wordplay and topical observations on multiculturalism in Australia. He is at once good natured and provocative, his irreverent nature representing a diverse and emerging voice in Australia.

Suren’s show has recenlty received a four star review from The Music.

Details and Tickets: Suren Jayemanne MICF

★★★★ The Music
★★★★ The Daily Review


CJ Suren-Jayemanne-Wu-Tang-Clan-Name-Generator

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