1. I was a bit munted but I still though this was the best pub comedy show I have seen. really funny and good value. The Newcastle comedian and Penrith comedian were great

  2. Pleasantly surprised by the high standard of comedy last night. Thank you also for the hospitality. We will definitely be back.

  3. Great show, loved the political references, finale was phenomenal, my favourite act for sure. Interestingly, some performers were phemonenal, particularly the opening act, but oddly very nervous despite having a very unique talent! Overall, a great show.

  4. What a great way to start the weekend! An hour and a half of non stop laughter. We were even laughing during the break. Every comedian was excellent – personal picks were Lee, CJ, David and Sean

  5. OMG what a fantastic show! We laughed so much. Especially Thao was really funny and so were Ruven and Andrew. Thanks for such good comedy!

  6. We were at last night’s show at Hive Bar. An altogether brilliant show. Congratulations to everyone involved! All comedians were outstanding and our favourites were probably CJ and Kieran.

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