Thao Thanh Cao

Originally from a theatre background having studied a Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Theory and Practice) Thao originally wanted to be an actress but was disheartened because she didn’t see many Asians on TV and the few Asians she did see on TV appeared on border security.

Her comedy can be best described as dry, self deprecating and often politically incorrect. Thao is an award winning comedian and has been very busy doing the comedy circuit performing all over Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra and has also performed at The Adelaide Fringe Festival and The Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Thao had a big year in comedy in 2015, with her first solo comedy show as well as winning the Ulladulla Comedy Festival Competition, Newcastle Comedy Competition and she was a comedy finalist in Sydney’s ‘Short + Sweet’ Festival.

Utilising her acting skills and her public speaking skills she has quickly become a refreshing new voice hitting the comedy scene taking the PC out of stand uP Comedy!  Thao performed her first Solo show Appropriately Inappropriate at the 2015 Sydney Fringe Festival.

 Thao Thanh Cao

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Thao Thanh Cao Solo Comedy Show

Appropriately Inappropriate
Written: 2015
First Performed: Sydney Fringe 2015
Performed: 2015
Performed at:
Sydney Fringe 2015


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