Sean Morahan

Sean Morahan is a comedian and writer, based in Sydney.

Jaded by the unrelenting and excruciating highs of working as
a car salesman, private investigator and builder’s labourer, Sean
yearned for the sombre drudgery of making people laugh for a
living, without offering them a trade-in price, showing them
photos of their spouse’s new lover or falling off a building site.

So, in 2013 he staggered onto Australia’s comedy stages and has
remained there despite the persistent crowbars, baseball bats and
the pleas for him to go home.

He has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival,
Adelaide Fringe Festival and Sydney Fringe Festival.

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He has written and performed two solo shows: 1 Liner and 2 Way
Street, as well as produced and performed in 10 Comedians for $10.

And yes, he is aware he looks like Hank from ‘Breaking Bad’.
Thanks for asking.

*rounded up to the nearest 5 stars

S Sean Morahan

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Sean Morahan Solo Comedy Shows


2 Way Street Poster - Sydney Fringe Comedy 2015
1 Liner 2 Way Street
Written: 2014 Written: 2015
First Performed: Sydney Fringe 2014 First Performed: Sydney Fringe 2015
Performed: 2014-15 Performed: 2015
Performed at:
Sydney Fringe 2014, 2015

Adelaide Fringe 2015
Performed at:

Sydney Fringe 2015