Peter Meisel

Peter makes people laugh either through his unique sense of humour or by appearing naked in his bedroom.

We were genuinely thrilled when Peter accepted the invitation to join our line-up because every time we see him perform, he has us in puddles of laughter.

He has headlined and emceed at the legendary Harold Park Hotel, Sydney’s Original Comedy Store, Comedy on Edge, Comedy Corner, the Comedy Cellar, the Basement, the Hakoah Club, the Manly Boat Shed, the Harbourside Brassiere, the Oatley Pub, the Novotel in Wollongong, the Crown Hotel in Terrigal, and SJ’s and Raymond Terrace in Newcastle and Sydney’s Comedy Cruise.

In 2011 and 2012, Peter performed at the New York Comedy Club. He has also teased and pleased audiences at many corporate functions.

Indicative of how well-regarded Peter is the comedy profession, he has performed as the Opening Act for:
Robin Williams (U.S.A), Carl Barron, Akmal Saleh, Will Anderson, Peter Berner, Tahir (Habib from ‘Fat Pizza’) Bilgic, Emmy Winner, Rich Hall (U.S.A.), Arj Barker (U.S.A.), the Umbilical Brothers, Vince Sorrenti, Elliot Goblet, Austen Tayshus and George Smilovich.

July 1996 and June 1997: Participated in the benefits “Take No Prisoners”. Both of Peter’s segments were chosen for the TV show of the same name.
1996: Appeared in the musical, “The Great Pretenders” although he can neither sing nor dance.
1997-1998: Part of the QANTAS in-flight video program.
1998-Appeared at Parramatta Riverside Theatre’s “A Midsummer Night’s Comedy”.
1998-Sydney Comedy Festival appearances at Panthers and the Newcastle Civic Centre.
1998-Appeared in ‘Stand Up for the Wogs’ at the Enmore Theatre.
1999-Featured in ‘Red, White and Very Blue’ at the Comedy Cellar.
June 2000 – appeared in the Parramatta Riverside show A Jew, an Arab and an Australian Do Standup
January 2002 – emceed Encore Laughing for a Mate at the Bridge Hotel
March 2003 – emceed Encore Laughing for a Mate Again at the Enmore Theatre
Feb 2004 – Appeared in Canberra show Show Us Your Roots
Feb 2006 – Emceed shows at the Cracker Comedy Festival
April 2007- The Big Laugh Comedy Festival show The Imports
October 2009 – Cockatoo Island Comedy Festival
Jan 2011 – DAMn – Fundraiser for Queensland Flood Victims
Sept 2012 – Sydney Fringe Festival Show “Peter Meisel and Friends”

His TV and Radio appearances include:
1996-1998: Appeared on five episodes of  Mouthing Off
1999: Appeared twice on the “Midday Show”
1999: Appeared on “Good News Week”
2001: Finalist on So You Want to Be a Stand Up Comic
2003: Appeared on Mornings with Kerri-Anne
2003: Played a security guard in Pizza
2005: Several episodes of That Was the News
2006: Appeared on What’s Good For You
2006: Appeared on Stand Up Australia
2006: Appeared on Best of Stand Up Australia
2006: Appeared on The Dazz and Gazz Radio Show on TV Christmas Special
2005-2007: Several appearances on Triple M’s Dolphin Juice
2008 Talking Comics TV Show
Feb 2010: Big Trev’s Radio Program on 99.7
Dec 2010: Cohosted Friday drive time on 99.3
2011: Several Cohostings on Friday drive time on 99.3

Peter’s Movie Credits include:
Feb 2000: played Abe, the security guard, in the The Three Stooges
Nov 2000: ironically played a gentleman in Moulin Rouge
March 2001: played a lawyer in The Man Who Sued God
March 2003: played a local in You Can’t Stop the Murders
August 2006: played a photographer in a short film made for the Comedy Channel

1998 – Wrote, directed and played the Professor in “Gilligan’s Island of Death” which won a Comedy Tropnest prize.
1999-Wrote script for “Let’s Have a Party”.
Oct 1999 – Wrote and appeared in the Sydney Comedy Festival show entitled Chaos Theory.
Nov 1999 – Associate producer, writer and appeared in Panda Bears’ Picnic for Tropfest Film Festival
2001-Wrote comedy pilot “Standup and Deliver”.
2001- 2002 – Writer and actor with Sold Out Productions.
2003 – Writer for “Westie Side Story” at the the Parramatta Riverside Theater Big Laugh Festival
2004 – Edited “Dolphin Juice” TV episodes
2005 – Writer for Triple M’s “Dolphin Juice”
2005 – Writer for “That Was the News”
2006 – Writer for “Dazz and Gazz Radio Show on TV”
2010 – Contributing writer for film “Obsession”

2010 -Taught several beginner courses as well as an advanced course at Sydney’s Original Comedy Store and MCed the showcase nights.

Sept, 1995: Comic of the Year at Sami’s Lebanese Restaurant.
Dec, 1995: Major prize winner in the Harold Park Comedy Hotel’s Comic of the Year
Oct, 1999: Won heat in the Comedy Cellar Comic of the Year.
Oct, 2000 Finalist on TV Show Starstruck
2011: Finalist in Time Out Sydney’s Favourite Comic

“…I thought putting in Peter Meisel as a last minute substitute wouldn’t work, because he was here 2 weeks ago, and 2 weeks before that…but he smoked it…there was so much laughing that I actually laughed, even though I knew the punchlines”  – Sidney Critic’s Blog

“…the comics were great, Peter Meisel having my partner in tears” – John Knowles, Drum Media

“I have seen Peter Meisel … quite simply soar.” – Demetrius Romeo, Revolver

“Meisel is running hot, plying them with his self-effacing style.” – Underworld Magazine

“Thanks Peter you are a wonderfully talented comedian with a great future. You have an incredible ability to make people laugh. A rare and precious gift. Thank you for a wonderful and successful season.” – Will Scarlet, Producer, Writer & Director of the musical, The Great Pretenders.

“The brilliant comedian, Peter Meisel, warmed the crowd.” – Sasparella, 3 D World

“Peter is hysterically funny. If only he’d clean up his room.” – Elsa Meisel, Peter’s Mom

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