Frida Deguise

It’s not easy being a mother of four, Lebanese and Muslim. For Frida Deguise,
this is just her normal life. She is funny and outspoken about all the things that
make her comedy unique. Being a Muslim woman, wearing a Metallica shirt and
making fun of hiding explosives in her hijab sure gets a reaction!
Honouring the title of Australia’s only female Islamic comic wearing a hijab, Frida
pushes the boundaries of perception, shows her world with HER rules. Her
over-the-top bravado is balanced with brevity. Her controversy will make you
explode with laughter.
Having toured on the annual comedy hit show ‘A Very Woggy Xmas Gala’ with
Joe Avati, Turkish Australian comedy sensation Tahir, (‘Habib’ of Fat Pizza)
and Gabriel Rossi, Frida Deguise really is the soul of wit.

Some Saturday nights Frida performs her one-woman footy dance wearing
her Manly guernsey, but you’re not lucky enough to see that!


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