David Tieck

David Tieck is an author and a comedian. He has been performing
stand-up / improv and sketch comedy around the world for the past
seven years.

He can be found on all the social media platforms under David Tieck,
at fleetingforever.com, or in random people’s front yards playing with
their cats.
In the 2015 Sydney Fringe David performed his latest solo show
Interviews with Inanimates.
David Tieck

David Tieck Comedian 

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David Tieck - OK, Intriguing, Hell Yeah! Awesomenessous David Tieck - Embarrassing Memory Murderer David Tieck - Losing My Virginity 52 Times
 OK, Intriguing: Hell Yeah! Awesomenessous        The Embarrassing Memory Murderer
           Losing My Virginity 52 Times


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