Claudia Rae

Claudia is a Sydney based comedian who has been hitting the comedy scene everywhere from Wollongong to Newcastle, including Sydney. Obviously.

Her style can be described as dry with killer wit, quirky and absurd at times. She talks about experiences she has had in life and observations with a twist, often incorporating some clever puns.

She tackles a variety of topics, finding the humour in anything.  Whoever thought yellow capsicums could be funny?  Claudia did.

She has been known to include an original rap song or two in her set.  These songs are loved by audiences and comedians alike.  They are hard to describe – must be experienced.

In her first year of stand up comedy, she won the 2014 Super Grand Final of a prominent audience-voted Sydney Comedy Competition.

She hits the punch lines of jokes just like she plays the drums – frequently and with excellent timing.

A must see comedian!

CJ Claudia-RaeClaudia Rae Comedian      


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  1. Claudia was one of our two favourites at the Bat & Ball comedy on 21st of April. Some hilarious stuff about Newcastle!

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