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Ben Willshaw has grown up on the mean streets of Vice City, spending his time with hookers and making a living by stealing cars and dealing in guns and drugs….. No wait sorry that’s Grand Theft Auto. That’s got nothing to do with Ben at all.
Ben Willshaw……Oh that’s right! Ben is a Western Sydney comedian who has grown up on the sunny streets of Penny Bay or, as pronounced by the locals in their native tongue, Penriff!*  Ben has been performing comedy for over 2 years and has made a big impact performing at Sydney’s leading comedy venues.   (Please note that ’10 Comedians for $10′ has edited some offensive material provided by Ben for this bio.  If you want to be properly offended, pay your $10 and come and see Ben like everyone else).
In 2015 Ben wrote and performed his first solo show ‘Sticks & Stones’ and in a great indicator of the appeal of his comedy, the show sold out during its run at the Sydney Fringe Festival.
Ben’s humour consists of self-deprecating comedy along with over-the-top stories about events and experiences in his day to day life.  Ben also likes to add a touch of crude humour to his material to cater to the inner westie in all of us, resulting in audience members laughing at topics that would normally be left unsaid.
When not performing at Sydney’s premier comedy venues, Ben also performs at charity events and weddings as an MC.

*Any similarity between Penriff and Grand Theft Auto is coincidental.
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Ben Willshaw Solo Comedy Shows

Sticks & Stones

Written: 2015
First Performed:
Sydney Fringe Festival 2015 (Sold Out Run)
Performed: 2015
Performed at:
Sydney Fringe Festival 2015


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