Andrew Marriott

Andrew Marriott is a comedian.  He was born in Chicago and, as a teenager, moved to a small Mid-Western town, which to his shock, had made dancing and rock music illegal. But Andrew’s rebellious spirit allowed him ‘to kick off his Sunday shoes’, abolish the ban and revitalise the soul of the repressed townspeople.  Andrew is also competent at plagiarising the plot to the 1984 Kevin Bacon classic ‘Footloose’ for his bio.

Apart from comedy Andrew likes long walks on the beach, holding hands and Pokemon. He also works as a Family Lawyer, despite the fact he has never married, had children, owned substantial property or had a long term relationship. He did write an essay once on marriage – He got a low credit.

Let’s hear it for the boy Andrew Marriott.

In the 2015 Sydney Fringe Andrew performed with Ray Cashman in CashmAndrew. Due to the show’s success, they were one of only  a handful of shows invited by Fringe Comedy to do an encore performance (in November, 2015).

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Andrew Marriott Comedy Shows

With Ray Cashman
Written: 2015
First Performed: Sydney Fringe 2015
Performed: 2015
Performed at:
Sydney Fringe 2015



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